CLA SITE worked with Clark Patterson Lee and the City of Poughkeepsie to design and reconstruct the Liberty Street Parking Lot. Green infrastructure technology was incorporated into the design, and the design team installed an improved pedestrian connection from Market to Liberty Street. Funded through the Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP) at the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation, the design incorporates bioswales and permeable paving to filter and slow stormwater runoff from the parking lot.

CLA SITE provided the conceptual parking and pedestrian reconfiguration of the parking lot, bioswale planting design, lighting design and urban street tree details for the existing and proposed trees within the new pedestrian plaza. The lighting design features three distinct spaces through the use of bollards, pedestrian-scale lighting and festive overhead plaza lighting. The parking lot, located within the downtown business district, transforms the space from a car-centric void into a critical pedestrian link from the commercial corridors of Market and Cannon Street.