Landscape Architecture | Planning
Whether you are a developer, landowner, local municipality, or private industry, innovative use of your land is essential to maximize benefits to you and your community.

Our development process begins with a good idea that is grounded in reality and reflects the needs of the client and the physical qualities of the project site. With today’s environmental and land-use regulations, a creative approach, technical knowledge, functional accountability and design sensitivity are required to transform a good idea into a successful project. CLA SITE understands the regulatory maze.

Our knowledge and experience in land planning will broaden your perspective for wise land use and help turn the boldest ideas into reality.

Site Planning | Design | Permitting
Municipal Streetscape | Restoration
Park | Trails | Recreation
Urban Design
Master Planning |Creative Visioning
Stormwater Management | Green Infrastructure Design
Visual Impact Assessments
Environmental Permitting
Sustainable Design
Mine | Reclamation Planning
Construction-Related Services