CLA Site celebrates 26 years in business

26 Year AnniversaryToday is our 26th Anniversary!

July 18 marks a quarter of a century +1 year that we’ve been in business. Expert leadership by our founder Peter Loyola, ASLA has helped us make a positive impact in our beloved Saratoga Springs community and throughout New York State.

Our team of professionals has over 140 years of award-winning design experience, and that number is growing by the day! We are hiring for a variety of positions–please check our website for opportunity details. We want to work with you to make our vision of the next 26 years a reality.

Projects at CLA SITE range from large-scale master plans to residential site design, recreation and park master planning, housing/subdivision planning, commercial site planning, municipal streetscape improvements, non-profit neighborhood, and community-based revitalization. In addition, CLA SITE is involved with industrial site planning, reclamation planning, stormwater permitting, environmental compliance, and permitting.

Drop us a line and wish us a Happy Anniversary, or give Peter a call to say hi!

(posted July 18, 2023)